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The Cockpit Comes Into View

By Toast02-06-2013

Were you saddened by the news from Codemasters of not being able to drive with the cockpit view in GRID 2? Fear not! Thanks to the user named GRIDmarks, we can now drive in cockpit view thanks to the discovery of a camera mod that was originally created for the sole purpose of putting it in the first GRID, which appears to also work in GRID 2.

Unfortunately, even though there is now an unofficial way to race in the cockpit view, textures are rather dull and of low texture quality, so at this point we can only hope Codemasters addresses this, or another modder improves upon this, which could very likely happen with how quick the cockpit view fiasco was quickly resolved within a day.

For anyone who has any interest in the mod, you can download it here

Take note of what GRIDmarks has to say before proceeding:

"Ok I can now confirm that the old camera mod works with GRID 2. If anyone wants to use it, choose a cameras.xml file out of the mod I posted above and copy/paste it into each car models folder, replacing the original. (I used the Lamborghini one, in folder 'Lam' in the mod files) MAKE SURE TO CREATE A BACK UP OF ALL YOUR CAR/MODEL FOLDERS FIRST"

Make sure to watch the videos below beforehand in the case of deciding if you want to try the mod or not in its current form, or head on over to RaceDepartment for an in-depth look into other interesting mods along with the camera mod.


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If someone manages to up the textures I see a lot of people becoming very happy.