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The Cave - A Hole Gone Wild

By Bis18marck7005-12-2012

In an industry filled with games that try to emulate the winning formulas instead of creating their own little thing and tell a new, fresh story, it’s great to see titles being brought forth that attempt to be different. The Cave is one of them. What looks like a narrator-style story mode similar to Bastion (Get it if you haven’t already), the game is focused around, well, a cave. It’s perplexing I know, but if the trailer shows of anything, then that this little idea, which probably draws its inspiration from a night in which the developers must have taken some rather strange substance, might actually produce a unique setting.

Showing of the various characters, the game seems to be going into the right direction with lots of variety and different ways of solving problems. Interested in what could be a synergy between Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Shank and Bastion? Well then, keep your eyes open for this one.

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