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The British Make the Best Villains

By Bobfish15-08-2013

I believe one trailer can make a difference. Do you believe that? With the imminent arrival of Blacklist next week (20th for America, 23rd international) the official, final(?) launch trailer is here to ask us some difficult questions. Reminding us that the tone shift towards the grim side of the coin is a very large part of the series' new direction. I know this has turned some people away, but a lot of things have turned people away. Whilst other things have brought them back again.

Will this be another turning point? Maybe. After we consider that Splinter Cell always had a dark side. Sam has done some very nasty things in his career. We so easily forget that he is a cold blooded killer as we follow him on his journey. Because we see the journey, we see the events that form and inform his decisions. We see the justification for his more questionable actions. So come, join my as we see the next step in his metamorphosis.

This is the Blacklist.

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