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The Brigmore Witches Completes Daud's Story

By MrJenssen13-08-2013

Check this flashy launch trailer for Dishonored's latest DLC campaign, titled The Brigmore Witches. It should come as no surprise that this newly released DLC continues Daud's Story after the game's good-but-not-great first big DLC ended with a cliffhanger.

This new DLC promises to add new weapons and powers to Daud's arsenal, which he will certainly need to beat down the fugly barghests and witches that apparently roam the streets of Dunwall these days. The Brigmore Witches is also going to be the game's very last DLC, so don't expect a cheap cliffhanger this time around!

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Posts: 1548

The last one finished with such a cliffhanger!

Posts: 297

Now the wait continues for the full package....=P