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The Bounty’s On: Arkham Origins Last Trailer

By breadbitten24-10-2013

Seems like only yesterday I was getting way too giddy constantly flipping through the first batch of screenshots revealed for Batman: Arkham Asylum, and now the third game in the established franchise is nearly upon us. Sigh...sometimes I wish I could just STOP time and exactly pinpoint where my lif—wait, what the f*** was I rambling on about? Batman: Arkham Oranges is almost here and the (hopefully) final trailer before launch is here to hype us up even more!

As exciting as all that looked I do have some minor trepidations about this game, especially given the choppy nature of the recently shown official walkthrough. The trailer had none of that horrible fish-lip facial animation seen in the gameplay leading me to believe that Origins, much like the previous games, will utilize compressed in-engine cutscenes which is something no one should put up with in 2013. Otherwise, everything looks as good as can be expected from a quick sequel.


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