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The Bomb Comes Home in Payday 2

By zethalee15-01-2015

But first, we head to Croatia, where an inspector is presumably trying to track down some of the world's most notorious serial thieves. To spoil more of the live-action trailer for Payday 2's newest would be presumptuous, but Overkill have done a fine job presenting a new heist member, a new contractor, and otherwise keeping the rest of the details about "The Bomb" heist under wraps. Aside from information about a new gun, the Croatian VHS-2, and that the heist will be taking place in Washington, DC, any further information, including pricing, will not appear until next Tuesday, 20/01/15, on "Day 1" of a (typically) three day series of new site updates.

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Good question, hadn't seen anything about that, maybe we'll know more tomorrow or the day after.

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Yes, but what about the web series?