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The Blizzard Approach

By breadbitten09-12-2013

According to a new blog post in Uber Entertainment's Kickstarter page for the very promising looking Planetary Annihilation the game now has a release date of...when it's done. If that rings a bell dear reader, then it's because this is the infamous "Blizzard approach" to releasing a game, a tried and true method that usually yields good results at the cost of certainty.

According to Jon Mavor CTO of Uber Entertainment...

"We are extremely happy at what we've been able to accomplish with the game so far, but we want to take some additional time to make sure we are releasing the best game we can..."

The Kickstarter success has seen quite a bit of development over the year, the blog reads...

"We've added a lot of fantastic new mechanics and units and features over the last year -- and we're adding bunch more in the near future. Features coming online soon include area commands, a new camera, a stargate unit, and a complete rethink of the orbital unit set."

I've had an one eye kept firmly fixed on Planetary Annihilation for quite some time now and though the added ambiguity of a potential release date is somewhat disappointing at least we can take comfort in the fact that the developers aren't rushing this one.

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