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The Black Diaries

By Bobfish09-09-2013

A second vidoc (a new buzzword because people are too pretentious to type video documentary) has just arrived from the hold of the Black Flag. Touching on a previously unmentioned aspect of the game world. Plantations.

It leaves me wondering though, much as with the Peta outcry regarding the whaling mechanics (sounds like a band), will this be another issue that raises eyebrows and angry voices from the PC (politically correct, not personal computer) with some ludicrous games about how Ubisoft are now promoting slavery too? Plantstations were, unfortunately, a commonality of the time period. And I can't deny, they offer some interesting gameplay opportunities. But don't take my word for it, check out the video (above) and the first in the series re-embedded, for your benefit, below.

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