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The Birth of a Planet…Side…2

By breadbitten23-11-2013

PlanetSide 2 is now a year old, and even though I was never invited--HOORAY!  To celebrate the first anniversary of Sony Online Entertainment's mammoth MMOFPS the game is offering a bundle of weapons and buffs for players to purchase. Barring any disastrous transactional error, the bundle should set you off $39.99 or £24.69 or 3999SC worth of in-game currency, the 'One Year Anniversary Bundle' contains a six month 50% XP boost, three Platinum Empire Specific Rocket Launchers and the following weapons:

• RAMS .50M

• EM4 Longshot

• Parallax VX3

• Serpent VE92

• LC3 Jaguar

• Razor GD-23

• Corvus VA55


• Carnage BR

THAT'S NOT ALL! The game's European distributor Prosiebensat is releasing a graphic novel that chronicles and re-imagines the best player-made stories within the game. The official press blurb reads:

"...European players can share their most exciting PlanetSide 2 experiences with the community in the "Share your WarStories" community campaign: The best stories will be transformed exclusively into high-quality graphic novels by Colin M. Winkler. Great prizes will be raffled amongst all participants."

This sounds pretty damn impressive to be honest, but one wonders how people could relate to heroes when they have names like "xxNUBKILLAZxx", "SoopahDidlah" or "IPOnYerMum".

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dude, I so have to see the saga of IPOnYerMum

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