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The Beard's Are Back in Town

By Bobfish22-11-2013

Come my brethren, join these old bones around the campfire, it's a viking we go. Let me tell you a cautionary tale of the choices you make, the ramifications of your decisions. Let me tell you the tale of the Banner Saga.

Promising an experience where the choices you make will have real, lasting, noticeable impacts on the game you play, on the surface it sounds like the typical, tired old PR talk we've heard a thousand times before. But this time, there's a ring of truth to it. The more open ended nature of the game, which drifts away from a heavily story driven approach to give more of a framework to craft your own, well, saga, lends itself well to such. Losing that experienced champion in a particular bloody sortee can be a devastating blow to a band of wandering merchants. Making every future battle turn into a brutal war of attrition.

The goal here, after all, is not to win, to see the credits roll, but to continue your journey and grow your banner. It's an interesting idea which is presented extremely well. Check it out for yourself to see what I mean, and revel in those glorious, luscious beards.

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