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The Beard Saga

By Bobfish08-11-2013

Regular readers will know, there are two things that are certain to grab my attention about a game. Pretentious, self indulgent, existential narrative (aka Artsy fartsy Indie stuff) and cel shading. The Banner Saga, for a team of ex-BioWare staff ticks both of those boxes. It's been quite for quite some time now, since it almost octupled it's Kickstarter goal back in April. But now, those lucious, cel shaded beards are back in full glory. Look how capitvating they are. We Vikings, you see, know a thing or two about beards. For example, did you know, a man with prominent facial is guarnteed to be at least 87.43% more bearded than a man who shaves?

Those are proven facts!

The game, and the bgeards, look absolutely gorgeous. Embracing the cel shading art style to craft a moving comi style of animation. One migh even go so far as to call it an interactive cartoon. One with extremely high production values to boot. Which is unsurprising on a three quarter of a million dollar budget. You can animate a lot of beards for that price. This bearded spectacle will hit our PCs come January 14th of next year.

Did I mention the game has beards?

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