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The Banner Teaser

By Bobfish02-06-2015

We have a new video for The Banner Saga 2...which is 21 seconds long. But daaaaaaaaaayum does it look pretty. It's one of those moments where you find yourself wondering, how can something so...small, leave such a large impression? Welp, that's because Stoic know exactly what they are doing.

All we know, so far, is that the game will follow on directly from the first, and that it will be epic. By which I mean, it will be a tale told on an epic scale. As evidenced by the all too brief teaser which shows a fleet of longboats heading determinedly towards a great waterfall which, I suspect, may be the edge of the world itself. See, Viking myths speak of the world having an immense cliff face, far off across the North sea.

Oh dear.

Epic indeed.

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