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The Banner Saga - The Epic Unfolds

By Bis18marck7002-10-2012

The upcoming indie project by Stoic, The Banner Saga, a Viking epic has released a video showing the current progress as well as giving us a few sneak peeks at the music, animations and cut scenes. If you love these joyous fully bearded, mead-drinking men with horns – who doesn’t by the way? – and if you are a fan of hand-drawn animation, look no further, you just found the game that might be it for you.

On Kickstarter, Stoic must have felt like the Monks of Lindisfarne in 793, with literally thousands of backers storming at them, only this time the rampaging horde threw money instead of axes. How times change. You’ll understand what I mean when you see the set goal of $100.000 being virtually obliterated with $723,886 raised by just over 20.000 backers.

This game is just one of the many examples how Kickstarter has been able to get ideas of the ground and into development. Let’s hope they will deliver what’s promised. Exiting times lie ahead.

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