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The Arkham Knight vs The Dark Knight?!

By Jedireaper05-03-2014

Today has been HUGE for video games, not only is DICE getting it's crap together, but the announcement of a new (and final) Batman Arkham game for release later this year by Rocksteady after taking some time off, is just mind-blowing. Batman: Arkham Knight is destined for next-gen consoles and PC, meaning that the game should look amazing having already seen a few screens of what is very, very likely to be in-game action, I believe it does! Still, all this isn't the most mind-blowing.

The Arkham Knight has been revealed! No not the game, but the main villian. According to the Official PlayStation Magazine (shh, it's coming to PC, don't moan about where our information comes from), Arkham Knight is not just a title for the game, but perhaps so much more. From what we can tell, Arkham Knight is supposedly to be the main bad-boy, but more, is it Batman? I mean he certainly looks like some kind of weird cross between Robocop and Batman.

So far they have revealed few information on what is truly in-store for us, and I say the fewer the better, I want this game to be a shocker! However in the teaser trailer, is that Kevin Conroy's voice in the beginning before it becomes more Scarecrow? Either way what do you guys think Rocksteady have up their sleeves? Do you think Joker will make an appearance (dead as he be, oh my)? Is Harley looking cuter? Is Cobblepot really in charge? Or is Scarecrow running the show for once? You know the place, comment below.

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Posts: 3290

Yeah, exactly. Evil Batman? Finally cracked under the pressure maybe?

Posts: 1548

But the "guy" in the trailer had Batman emblem on his chest.

Also Harley's face now looks chubby.

Posts: 3290

Okay. Now I want this game