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Spider-Man Steam Release Delayed

The official Facebook page of the Amazing Spider-Man has announced that the game will not yet be available for purchase through Steam. Apparently, they were planning to have it available for purchase on Steam already since the 10th of August, but due to unexplained issues they were not able to do this. It will be made available for purchase on Steam though at a later date.

The Amazing-Spider Man on PC does feature Steamworks and any copies purchased retail can be activated and installed from Steam without any problem (both with and without the disc). This definitely makes the announcement a big surprise.

For those waiting to pick it up directly from Steam, in the mean time enjoy the trailer.

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Posts: 240

Only way I'd possibly ever pick this up is if more than a few reviews make (good) comparisons to the Spiderman 2 game which was really fun.

Posts: 596

I don't know why but I've always been a bit of a softy when it comes to Marvel games. Something about them I always enjoy even if they are for the most part bad. Definitely will get this on sale though.

Posts: 1548

This looks like poor mans Batman but I might be wrong...

Posts: 241

I might pick this up in a sale, but otherwise I'm not interested. Sleeping Dogs will be my open world fix this year.

Posts: 15

Oh wait, someone cares?