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The Age of Dragon Inquisitions and Racial Combat

By breadbitten19-08-2013

GameInformer just released a couple of short videos of a handful BioWare devs (most notably Creative Director Mike Laidlaw) talking about the return of races in Dragon Age: Inquisition and the nature of the game's combat mechanics. It's informative stuff, and emphasizes how much the team took fan reaction and feedback into account for both elements. Races of course were infamously absent in 2011's Dragon Age II while combat allegedly (I haven't had much experience with the game outside of the demo) devolved into enemies being spammed in waves.

It's really worth checking them out, especially the video on combat which gives us a few brief looks on how the game might play. The camera system has me somewhat intrigued in how it's behind the back and not the bird's eye view that I appreciated so much in the first game. Yes I'm aware that you could go for a third person camera in Origins as well and yes I'm aware that the gameplay shown is 'pre-alpha', it just stuck out to me because the devs go to some lengths in stressing over how the combat is more tactical than ever in Inquisition, and one would assume that a close-up third person camera system is not the most ideal camera system for party-based tactical combat.

Watch and sound off below.

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