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The Adventures of WildStar

By CrimsonE19-02-2014

Ever wanted to play a choose-your-own-adventure? Now's your chance. In WildStar's Adventures mode you will get to play unique simulations within alternate versions of the game's various zones. The Adventures will range from traditional raids to an Oregon Trail-style journey. And your decisions will directly influence the rest of the Adventure, allowing for a great deal of replayability: either follow stealth tactics against your enemy or raise an army of oppressed farmers for a full-frontal assault.

Aside from the seemingly infinite options this new mode will provide, the simulations grant real experience and loot. The game offers two distinct modes: Levelling and Veteran. It seems the key difference is that in Veteran mode your success can lead to "the sweetest of loot." The developers claim the replayability for both new and experienced players will be high and from what they've shown us that seems to be true.

If the prospect of slogging your way through dungeons with the hope of gaining experience turns you off of a game then WildStar's Adventures may be the perfect alternative. My biggest concern (aside from the cheesiness of a murder mystery simulation) is the variety and quality of loot. Gaining new goods through Adventures sounds fantastic if the items are actually decent: we don't need another Diablo 3. Here's to hoping the developers can deliver.

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