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The 10 Year Battle

By RubyStreams20-09-2012

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This month sees the 10 year anniversary of Battlefield, that started off with the much loved, Battlefield 1942. The series has spawned many great titles each with their own feel.

The Official Battlefield Blog has announced that they will be a weeklong celebration, starting off with some remastered artwork of 1942 for you to download and do with as you wish!

Also, as part of this very special time, if you have missed out on any of the Battlefield titles, now's your chance to redeem yourself as Origin are selling them for cheaper than they usually are...some call this a sale!! So in short, Origin sale on all of their Battlefield titles!

Head over the Official Battlefield Blog to read up on how else they intend to celebrate.

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Posts: 240

The original Vietnam isn't there too sadly, although I think the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2 (which I'm kind of tempted to buy) recreates some of the maps from there.

Posts: 241

I wish the individual DLC for BF3 was on sale, I quite fancy Close Quarters but don't want to pay £11.99 for it or buy premium.

Posts: 223

I probably should have mentioned that BF`942 isn't on Origin (well my search didn't find it), which is strange considering this 10 years of battling, started with 1942 :p

Posts: 1548

Origin has really good deals on BF games. If someone doesn't have it they should really grab it.