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That's Not a Mothership, That's a Titan!

By McKaby04-11-2015

Little Green Men games has announced today that on Friday that Starpoint Gemini 2 will have its next update Titans a series of big ships with a lot of guns and did I mention LOTS of guns?

Each fraction has their own ship with special powers to help out in battle, but all follow the same basic style, large amount of guns and ammo, little cargo, a special power and guns, this is an arms race in Gemini, the largest factions have made their play on the biggest ships. Empire has the Veres class with Thorium power cores tied to the weapons to allow more turrets, Korkyra has the Thor which is equipped with the latest shielding systems and Baeldor has the Sentinel with the latest in armour technology. Each ship has its niche and power, but all excel in one thing - being BIG, really BIG.

No price for Titans yet, but the DLC is out in just few days - November 6th.

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