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By Bobfish23-01-2013

According to Samuel L 'mthr fkn' Jackson (that's totally him, look at the picture!) on NeoGAF SEGA is the current high bidder for THQ's Relic Entertainment studio. And, this is Sam Jackson, so it must be true! Of course. On a serious note, though it remains, at this stage, nothing more than a rumour, it's certainly something that SEGA would be likely to show a great deal of interest in. For those who haven't been following the developments, a quick summation. THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and, as I type this, there's an auction going on for all of their assets.

As well as this rumour, others are that Koch Media are looking at snapping up Volition (same link above) which, again, makes a lot of sense. I can very much see them wanting to get their hands on both Red Faction and Saints Row. I almost hope that one is true. Anything that gives us more Red Faction is a good thing in my books. Finally, and most interesting of all, is a tweet from DDInvesting who have, thus far, been the most reliable source of information outside of THQ themselves, stating that Ubisoft are a strong contender for 'certain' THQ assets. Perhaps THQ's Montreal office? Which they had already been showing interest in, especially after a large chunk of their staff jumped ship in their direction.

Tense stuff. But a lot of good news if true. Whatever you may think of these companies as a whole, it's hard pushed to deny that they all have a strong pedigree behind them. And each, so it seems, have a history of allowing some degree of autonomy for studios under their umbrella. Also, apart from Ubisoft and their ludicrous DRM debacles, none of them have earned any particular amount of ire for underhanded tactics. The one thing we are sure of, this is a very tense time for THQ, but it will all be over, one way or another, soon. So join me below in offering your support.

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