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TF2 On The Omni And OR

By BloodyFanGirl21-04-2013

The future is here...in prototype form! Start-up company Virtuix has released a video displaying the functionality of its “Omni” treadmill as a "natural motion interface for virtual reality applications".  The clip shows the prototype being used in conjunction with the Oculus Rift and Team Fortress 2.

The set up on display in the video works thusly: the Oculus Rift takes care of tracking the player’s head and displaying gameplay, while a Kinect tracks player movement on the treadmill and then converts that in to commands in-game. The Omni won’t ship with a Kinect as it’s only presently being used as an in-development stop-gap; Virtuix says the final product will include its own sensor device. This is what the science fiction writers warned us about...and it looks awesome!

Virtuix plans to launch a Kickstarter funding campaign in May and has said that final product units are likely to cost between $400 and $600 minus shipping expenses.

You can see more videos of Omni in action over at their YouTube channel.

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Posts: 3290

On the other hand, it's a lot easier to adjust for recoil with an actual weapon than with a mouse

Posts: 1548

doesn't look so comfortable. Also if you went online anyone would kick your ass so hard just because they can have a steady aim.

Posts: 3290

I'm still underwhelmed by all of this. I think the massive VR push in the 80s killed most of my enthusiasm

Posts: 127

On one hand, the idea seems awesome and it actually may succeed, seeing how Kinect and Wii did. But on the other hand, this seems to be a bit too much. Come on, I like my armchair and my good, old mouse :'(