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Texture Pack For Skyrim Now With More HD

By Merc07-02-2013

Wow, Bethesda is being really kind to us gamers. After their release of Dragonborn on the 5th, now Bethesda gives a nice update for the HD texture pack. This update improves textures in Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and the newly released Dragonborn. Bethesda warns that you should make sure you at least have "Windows Vista/7, a minimum of 4GB of system RAM, and a DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with at least 1 GB of RAM and the latest drivers" before you try and play with the higher resolution textures. Also make sure that you have 4.7GB on your hard drive. Are you going to delve into Skyrim once again? Let us know in the comments.

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Posts: 67

I'm still yet to pick up Skyrim, and I will hold off into the Summer when I have some actual spare time to dive into the game and it's expansions.

Posts: 237

Its a nice touch. I will back to Skyrim actually and get the DLC-s when they are dirt cheap.