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Texting for Help: New Far Cry 4 trailer

By Doubleplus01-10-2014

Pagan Min, or what I like to call him "Ubisofts apology for not having Vaas be the main antagonist in FC3", is the dictator of Kryat who is as well-dressed as he is psychopathic, and this latest trailer really hammers in that point. As for gameplay, not really much is shown other than the generic FPS "shooting during high actiony split second scenes." Then again, if it's just Far Cry 3 with a better main antagonist, a new setting with a completely different theme, and a few new features while remaining the same at its core. I think that'll be fine with me. Who knows maybe after release there will also be a Blood Dragon 2 based on the newer engine. That would be amazing.

Also no more Skrillex, for the love of god.

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Uh... Is that fucking benedict cumberbatch?