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Testing the Eastern Front Further

By Toast20-06-2013

Good news comrades, you'll be able to fight on against the enemy till the 23rd of June. The original ending date for the open beta was extended by Relic and is due to end midnight on the 23rd, so if you haven't tried it out now, you can download it for free on Steam in your library. In addition to the extended beta, players will now have access to some new multiplayer maps that are in rotation in the open beta at the moment. Players will also be able to earn double the experience they would normally earn to mark the end of the open beta and a celebration for the imminent release on Steam.

Also, just to remind people that your experience and levels etc will carry over to the full game if you decide to purchase it, thanks to the Steam cloud as long as you purchase it on the account you have played the beta on. Be sure to do this within at least 60 days after launch in order to keep everything otherwise you will miss out.

Any Company of Heroes fans out there ready to engage in Eastern Front Warfare?

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