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Testing Talos

By Doubleplus08-11-2014

If you aren't aware, The Talos Principle is an upcoming First Person "Philosophical Puzzler" from Croteam, the developers behind the seriously super Serious Sam series. Alongside getting a release date of December 11th on Steam, Croteam has released a public demo, beta test, and benchmark all wrapped into one. Within this demotestbenchmark are a number of things that will make happy anyone interested in the Talos Principle. For those of you who want to test out the gameplay, there is an easy, medium and hard puzzle for you, as well as a super secret fourth one for those who are good at finding secrets (Don't tell anyone I told you though!) For those hardcore PC gamers who really want to see what's under the hood, it showcases its options. Anyone who's played Serious Sam: BFE knows the huuuuge list of graphical and engine options it had. This, of course returns for The Talos Principle, including the return of the color options. Yes, once again you will be able to choose anything from COD-style brown n' bloom to VOMITING MANY DIFFERENT BRIGHT VIVID COLORS STRAIGHT INTO YOUR EYEBALLS.

The benchmark is also runs Croteam's new testing AI. Yes that's right, Croteam has made their own P-body/Atlus style testing bot to playtest their game hundreds of and hundreds of times. It works by learning the basic solution by watching a player solve the test, then can carry out the solution even when the level has been changed around. According to Croteam, they've used the for 15,000 hours worth of playtesting. That's almost as much time I have logged in TF2! (Okay, not really)

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Okay. That looks really nice. I mean really nice