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Testing DayZ

By Mokman19-11-2013

Yes, I know we are all hankering for DayZ to finally come out, and wash away the taste of a certain other, similar game that was an absolute disaster - but face it, until it's good, developer Dean Hall is keeping it tightly under wraps. But that doesn't mean he won't tease us with morsels up till it's actual release date. So here's the latest one, dated 15th November 2013. It's rough, but it does show us some very interesting features.

Graphics look pretty great, with a realism that is inspiring, but the melee is decidedly pretty awful. Still, it's obvious that this is pre-Alpha, which is code for "Alpha but we gotta not let it look so bad." Otherwise, there are other classic elements, such as multiplayer people shouting "how do I use map?" and compasses to assist you in getting lost, as well as the good old horrible panting all the way back from ArmA.

All in all, it looks like a solid proposition so far, but with perhaps much more work needed to be done on the melee aspect of the game.

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