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TESO Alliances At War

By SavageOcto19-01-2013

The more I hear about The Elder Scrolls: Online, the more excited I get, but cautiously. I've been hurt by hype many times before. Though I've learned and re-learned that lesson a few times before, I'm still genuinely excited for the game.

To add to the excitement, the developers released a video about the three alliances in the game - The Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact - and their motivations for attacking Cyrodiil, the heart of Tamriel and the Empire.

Things aren't looking well for the Empire during the events of TES: O. Three powerful alliances have formed on the edges of the continent while Cyrodiil has become weak, creating a power vacuum. Each Alliance have different reasons why they want to rule Cyrodiil. The leaders of the Daggerfall Covenant want to make the Empire strong again and to bring peace back to the land, and of course keep the elves from messing things up. The Ebonheart Pact want to cleanse the Daedric taint that is growing in Cyrodiil thanks to one of its leaders, who made a pact with Molag Bal after seeing the three alliances growing in power. Meanwhile, the Aldmeri Dominion wants to have elves rule Tamriel again and take back the White Gold Tower, which they built, since humans have obviously done such a poor job at it.

To get the full details, and names I can't pronounce, be sure to watch the trailer above.

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