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TES Online Go to Coldharbour

By Merc03-05-2013

If you have played any Elder Scrolls games, you will remember the name Molag Bal, the God of Schemes. He is always up to no good but this time he has really crossed the line. Turns out he has taken your most valuable possession, you soul. That is a bad thing if you didn't figure it out. Since you are soulless what should you do? You could wander around aimlessly, throw a pity party, or get your freaking soul back! You will have to journey to Coldharbour to retrieve your most valuable possession and deal with the God of Schemes yourself.

I am extremely skeptical of this new entry into the Elder Scrolls franchise. I absolutely adore the series and want this game to be great but it is an MMO. Hopefully they can mix things up a bit and make it a unique entry into the series, we can only hope, and wait.

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