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TES Online Beta Open for Sign-Ups

By Mokman22-01-2013

Well, the chance has finally arrived. Elder Scroll fans rejoice, Tamriel may soon be open once again to you avid adventurers, in the form of The Elder Scrolls Online. Not only has a new trailer been released, but something even more exciting has occurred.

It has finally opened doors for Beta Sign-ups, inviting players to try their luck and attempt to get their foot into the door. The Elder Scrolls Online looks to be shaping up well, with an insane amount of lore apparently being thrown into the game, not to mention the vast world that's being built behind the curtain. As the various developer diaries have attested to, it seems that a lot of questions would be answered in the game regarding the Lore of the Elder Scrolls universe. As for the franchise as a whole, could it be that they are attempting to emulate what Blizzard did with the Warcraft universe, immortalizing it with a (hopefully) successful MMORPG? Possibly. Fingers crossed for this one, the future of Tamriel rides upon it.

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