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TES Online Beta Explanations

By Fr33Lanc3r.00704-03-2013

Bethesda has revealed that the main Beta period of The Elder Scrolls Online will begin at the end of March, releasing a Q&A with the answers to a number of Beta focused questions. It appears that the Beta will be rolled out in stages - starting with small, focused, testing, and working its way up from there - and be focused around specific 'events'. Each event will allow access to the Beta for a certain period of time, and have a specific focus so that the developers can get clear feedback on certain areas of the game. Testers will be chosen on certain criteria, and an invitation to one event does not guarantee an invitation to all events, so if you've signed up, be checking your email regularly in case you receive an invite. And be ready to download the 20GB client. It's still possible to sign up for the Beta, so if you're jumping on the bandwagon a little late and want to apply to test, click here.

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@XhtmlXml you are loosing out. Get Skyrim too!

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Elder Scrolls Online looks very promising. Even though I have only played a little of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion This game looks to expand on a whole new universe of game play for the Elder Scrolls franchise. Long time fans will jump for joy and if they don`t then that makes them silly. Cool!