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Terrestrial Domination

By Bis18marck7014-01-2013

A crude looking game at first glance, Terrestrial Domination is a one-man project by Chris Johnson. Running since some time on Kickstarter, the project is yet underfunded – by a lot. Sadly, with basic human instinct making us follow the pack, this underfunding reinforces the preconception one gets from the first impression.  Yet, look under the rather basic art style and simple presentation by Chris Johnson, one can see that Terrestrial Domination might have what it takes to become a fun little game.

Being in an early Alpha Stage one might argue it launched too early on Kickstarter but the gameplay already looks fluid. While the presentation could use some polishing, the concept is solid and the viewer gets an impression on what will await him in the final game. A plus on this is that the ideas expressed by Chris Johnson on how to add to the present model seem to be realistic (although I did at first jolt when he said 'campaign') and in line with his abilities and means.

The biggest grip many potential backers might have is the art style and simple interface. While the latter is certainly not a negative factor in my own personal equation, together with the overly-coloured space surrounding, the game looks as if it is one of those free online space-games I used to play as a young teenager during IT-class. The problem of this is obvious – it looks cheap and while the music isn't bad at all, it does come mainly from a free site. Perhaps, with a little bit of funding, a more personified tune can be applied to the game that truly gives it the character it needs.

I highly encourage all of you to head over to Terrestrial Domination's Kickstater site and homepage to check out this project to make up your own mind. Oh, and you can also try the alpha build while you're at it.

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Looks cool. Looks like a mix between Galactic Civilisations/Master of Orion and Sins of Solar Empire