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Tekken 7's Web Commercials

By drcoolio34519-03-2015

In case there wasn't already enough evidence that Lucky Chloe is Katsuhiro Harada's newest waifu in the Tekken series, she's the star of Tekken 7's first web commercial in both her in-game form and in cosplay form.

Whether you're ready or not, she certainly seems to be popular, and might even be the face of the ad campaign. If you're excited for Tekken 7 get used to seeing her and the newly announced characters because this is just the beginning of the ads, and there will certainly be more to come.


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Here's what I want to know. I mean, I get that it's Japan and all, and Japanese girls don't, naturally, come with blonde hair. And Japanese girls are the (female) majority in Japan. But, really? Would it have really been that impossible for them to find one Caucasian lassie to do the videos for them? Or even give this lass a blonde wig? I mean, she's absolutely adorable, don't get me wrong. But...Lucky Chloe is a blonde, white chick.

And I'm anal about things like this.

Still adorbs.

Plz to be selling the costume now kthxbai!