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Tekken 7’s New character: Lucky Chloe

By drcoolio34516-12-2014

Say what you want about Tekken, but you have to admit that their characters are...something.

Lucky Chloe, an original fighter appearing in Tekken 7, combines martial arts, breakdancing, and both cat ears and tail to beat up the likes of an ogre, chimera, bear, robot, a velociraptor, and the rest of Tekken's fighters.

Lucky Chloe will be appearing for the first time ever with Claudio and Katarina, all new characters. Old veterans of the series like Hwoarang, King, Kazuya, and Heihachi will be back too of course with their own new features.

Tekken 7is planned for release in February of 2015 for Japanese arcades. No official word yet on if Tekken 7will be coming to the west for consoles, but we'll keep you posted if we hear anything.


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Neko mimi moe moe kyun

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Sou desu yo fish-san.

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Kawaii desu!