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Tech a Look at This

By Bobfish28-05-2015

Much overdue, if you ask me, we finally have something to sink our teeth into. The next game by Spiders, named The Technomancer, is here with some purdy screenshots for you to drool over. It, well, it looks like a Spiders game, And that's not something I'm going to turn my nose up at. Following on from Bound by Flame they seem to be, in a sense, going back a bit, though I mean that in a good way. Everything I'm seeing about Technomancer feels like a redux of Mars: War Logs. Which was a great game, despite all its flaws.

"Today's screenshots show this Technomancer and his companions, arriving at Noctis, one of the last strongholds of civilization on Mars. Noctis is one of the many locations you will get to explore during your adventure. A "free city" that isolated itself from the War of Water which opposes the grand Companies such as Aurora and Abundance, Noctis still holds great dangers: bandits, pillagers, and some dangerous creatures who will put your warrior skills to the test"

Considering how they've progressed so far, I expect nothing less than a perfect game this time around. And I don't mean that in the sense of setting my hopes too high. Each title has improved over the last, and this is looking to continue the trend. So keep an eye on E3, because they'll be there showing us something more concrete. Suggesting, to me, that we can also expect to be seeing a full release not too soon after. Perhaps even before the end of the year. Though Spiders themselves are saying some time in 2016.

One can hope.

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