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Teasing the Wild West

By NeonAnderson08-03-2013

Fans of the Call of Juarez franchise will be pleased to see the latest Teaser Trailer released for Gunslinger. It seems the franchise will be returning to its roots in the Wild West setting.

While the teaser does not really show any gameplay off yet, it does show some impressive graphics on the game's environments. All they need now is some addictive gun mechanics as the first two titles had and an interesting story and wallets can be emptied on this title!

It is especially great to see this setting used again at the very least, we have not had many Wild West games these past years and for those who loved the first two Call of Juarez titles, such as myself, we can just sit back and hope for the best with the franchises return to the setting it belongs in! If they pull it off right we might even forget that The Cartel ever existed.

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Posts: 1317

The Cartel was just a horrible idea through and through. I can't even imagine what must've been going on in their heads when they made this game. maybe they had their B-squad do The Cartel while the A-team made Dead Island. Either way, both the first Call of Juarez games are absolutely amazing, so I simply cannot wait for this new one.

Posts: 237

This actuall looks way better and is more promising than Cartel...