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Teaser Site For The Next CoD Goes Live

By Fr33Lanc3r.00730-04-2013

The newest Call of Duty game has been a major topic around the gaming rumour mill for a while now, and as a follow up to the recent title leak, Activision have launched the teaser site for what may or may not be Call of Duty: Ghosts. At the moment all the site is showing is a mosaic of a ghost mask - which looks remarkably like the skull mask from Dishonoured - made up of the Facebook and Twitter pictures of fans of the series.

This means that an official announcement should be inbound soon, so I leave it to the commenters to say how much (or how little) they're looking forward to what is to come from the next CoD.

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Posts: 241

Wait?! You mean there's a NEW Call of Duty coming out this year? Who would have guessed! :P

Posts: 3290

Seems to be a montage of perhaps people involved in making the game? When you scroll over things. Seems to be images for Twitter accounts to me