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Tearing out my Very Soul

By Bobfish26-09-2014

Regular visitors will have, no doubt, noticed that we are rather fond of Wales Interactive here at Pixel Judge. Though their inexperience with making games for our beloved platform is clear, their dedication to improving is equally self-evident. Their latest offering, revealed earlier this week at EGX, already promising to continue that trend. With a visual aesthetic and mechanical style much more akin to their first (for us) offering and the promise of some extremely interesting level and thematic decision still to come. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Soul Axiom.

The first thing that came to mind, actually, was the underwhelming, but intriguing, Singularity. Though where that was hampered by a linear, action oriented typical FPS feel, what little we have seen of Soul Axiom makes it apparent things will be somewhat more open and implies an interesting tonal dichotomy between the reflective self exploration of the soul. Along with the fierce battle for self actualisation and independent identity. A heady mix that has the gamer in me narrowing my eyes and saying "okay, you have my attention..." and the pretentious swine in me saying...

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