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Tantalizing TESO Screenshots Reveal Daggerfall

By Mokman29-05-2013

It is a sad but true statement that were one to mention the term "Elder Scrolls" to most in the gaming community these days, the first thing to come to mind would likely be Skyrim. In fact, there are those ignorant heretics who even term the world as "Skyrim", or who truly believe the region is the only fully realized area within the rich Elder Scrolls universe. Fans of the series know better. And now, it seems that so does Elder Scrolls Online, to the relief of many.

A recent spate of screenshots have revealed a variety of beautiful locales, taken as if straight out from some fantasy art-fest, but yet still familiar. This, is Daggerfall, gentlemen and ladies, in the year 2013. This is Elder Scrolls Online - It is Daggerfall, Morrowind, Skyrim. It is Tamriel. I cannot wait.

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