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Tankers - Roll Out!

By NeonAnderson27-09-2012

The long awaited massive version 8.0 update for World of Tanks is finally upon us! The update itself is a full 1.3 GB and includes a long list of changes and new features.

The most noticeable of all, are the new tank physics and graphical updates. The new tank physics means that for the first time in World of Tanks, tank drivers can manoeuvre their tanks over, well, everything! This also means gamers can drive their tanks off the many big cliffs on the various maps and even drown their tank in the water.

For the ultimate thrill seekers this means performing tank jumping over mountains in a T-50-2 or any tank that is fast enough.

Beyond the graphical improvements and new physics, there are many other UI and interface improvements as well as a long list of tank balance tweaks. The full list of which can be found here.

This update is already available on the Russian and US server regions and will be available tomorrow for the EU server.

While waiting for your game client to update or for the patch to be released on the EU cluster, enjoy this version 8 trailer, read our WoT review and leave a comment.

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