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Tamrielic Landscapes, Art and More

By Kathy_McGraw28-03-2014

Zenimax Online recently released more concept art in preparation for the upcoming release of The Elder Scrolls Online. TESO releases April 3 for North America and April 4 for UK/Europe/Singapore/Australia. If you preordered the game, you get to start playing March 29 or 30,, depending on where you are.


Stormhold appears to be suitably marshy, as we would expect that the lands populated by the amphibious reptilian Argonians would be.

Robe of Worm Cult

I would expect that the Worm cult would have a major presence in TESO, since Mannimarco is one of the counsel, and he is the King of Worms, after all. It appears that the hooded mask was pulled directly from TESV.


I was basically in the Aldmeri location during my beta preview and I've already talked about how lovely the scenery was. Leave it to the high elves to be in love with beauty and to cultivate it where they can.

Breton Armor

According to Zenimax Online, the Breton armor designs reflect the fact that Bretons value function over form.

Bankoriai is a region in Hammerfell, home to the Redguards. Since Hammerfell is a desert province, Bankoriai is a landscape of sand and stone, carved by wind and time.

ColdHarbour Props

ColdHarbour isn't a place you want to be, and you can see it in the sharp and jagged shapes of the props as well as their dolorous coloration.

Camlorn Keep

Camlorn Keep is a Breton city that you can apparently help to liberate.

ColovianRugs and Tapestries

Apparently, the Colovian rugs can double as tapestries that can be hung on walls. I wonder if this means that at some point TESO will have player housing?

Crypt of Hearts

According to Zenimax Online, this area was once a farming region, but something not so nice has taken it over.

Dwarven Ruins

As in Skyrim, Dwarven ruins will be a common dungeon design for TESO. In a nice touch of continuity, you can clearly see some Dwarven design elements from Skyrim in TESO's Dwarven ruins.


Eyevea is a Mages Guild sanctuary. Apparently, you'll need to help recover it as part of the Mages Guild storyline.

EastMarch Guides

If you've played TESV, then you've been in EastMarch, the Skyrim hold where Windhelm lies. This concept art shows the development of the types of trees, rocks and plants of the region.


The scaly banekin looks like the offspring of the reptilian daedroth and a scamp. It's one of the Daedra that you can conjure to assist you in a fight.


I met this guy in the Wailing Prison. He didn't like me much. Come to think of it, I didn't like him overmuch, either. Now I have a name for his kind – harvester.


Apparently Molag Bal uses these guys as guards. I can sort of see the design of the Daedric armor helm from TESV in the structure of the titan's head.


Daedroth are bigger and nastier looking than they were in TESIV.

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