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Tales are Finally Being Told about the Borderlands

By acharris7706-05-2014

When you hear Borderlands and Telltale Games in the same sentence it sounds strange. We have 2K’s FPS shooter that is going to be combined with the Episodic gaming franchise that we have come to love. This strange marriage is set to hit PCs later in the summer this year. 

The events in Tales from the Borderlands take place after the 2012 hit title, Borderlands 2, and the game is set to feature two new characters. A con-artist born on Pandora called Fiona and a data-miner called Rhys will be the main protagonists of this story. They make their way across Pandora trying to fulfil their ambitions and dreams. 

Along the way the pair will encounter some new and also familiar faces from the Borderlands universe. A familiar, playable character from Borderlands 2 will be Zero the assassin. The Story will be told from both perspectives of Fiona and Rhys, which like other Telltale games will change with choices made.

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