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Takedown Deploys New Screenshots

By Leigh Cobb22-09-2012

Takedown, another Kickstarter venture, set up by the creative mind behind Halo Reach and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Christian Allen, has deployed some new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

Reaching $221,834 of it's $200,000 goal, Takedown is a self described 'Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter'. Now, many months on, Christian Allen is showing off his game, through the well used medium of the screenshot.

Sure, it's not Crysis level graphics, but you do get a good impression of what to expect from level layout and complexity, as well as showing off the game's tone and atmosphere. Here's the game's description and selling points, in case you missed them. Exciting! It's about time we had a game like this in 2012.

"This project, working title TAKEDOWN, aims to change that. This game, the spiritual successor to games like the original Rainbow Six and SWAT series, will focus on realistic weapons modeling, squad based play, in a close-quarters battle setting. To succeed in this game you need to take things slow, study your plans, and execute flawlessly. If you get shot, there are consequences. You won’t be hiding behind a wall waiting for your health to regenerate. If a team member goes down, you will have to assess the situation and reallocate team members if necessary to complete the mission. Don't expect all of the tools and plans to be forced fed to you - it is up to the player to ensure their team is equipped and ready for the tasks at hand."

I didn't fund this Kickstarter, but I'm starting to wish I had all that time ago, as I genuinely want to play this. It reminds of the long hours spent playing through SWAT 4. That's a good thing by the way.

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Posts: 1548

I think they are all righ but we will see how it looks in motion with animations.

Posts: 237

I really like the concept.. tho that gueard caracter... damn, that i dont like at all. I dont know why...