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Take Your Rico Rodriguez Adventures Online with JCMP

By CameronW09-12-2013

What's better than surfing on top of a sports car speeding down the highway while being persued by dozens of soldiers in armored utility vehicles, shooting out their tires and watching them flip through the air and explode? Probably doing all of that and then having your friend Steven crash a jumbo jet into your sports car immediately after. That's the sort of stuff that happens when you take the rediculous Just Cause 2 and make it a massive online free-for-all.

For the past year or two the fellows over at http://www.jc-mp.com/ have been working hard to make everyone's favorite B action movie simulator into an experience you can share with your room-mate, or your co-worker, or your grandmother. Not only did they succeed in making it functional and fun, they also got a deal with Steam and you can now download the client, update the mod, and play with your friends right through everyone's favorite online platform.

All you need to do to get your Steam code is to create an account, log in through Steam, go here and it'll throw a Steam key your way that will add the game to your library, you'll need to buy Just Cause 2 first, of course.

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Posts: 341

Boring as fuck without AI, world is so lifeless.
And people are just stealing your vehicles, so boring.

GTA SA/IVMP/5 > This.

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My body is ready