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Take-Two of These Plunk Plunk Fizz

By BloodyFanGirl06-08-2013

It looks like Take-Two are up to something. The publisher behind Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto and Irrational's Bioshock recently registered the domain hungoverx.com. It's not entirely clear what project this relates to yet.

Presently Take-Two are gearing up for the release of the anticipated Grand Theft Auto V on September 17th. Take-Two also recently trademarked Bully for new gaming software and this implies that a revisiting of Bullworth academy could be in the works. Interestingly, on top of this, Take-Two have been laughing their way to the bank because of Bioshock Infinite's sales; after selling 4 million copies of the game Take-Two raised their outlook for the fiscal year of 2014 from $1.775 billion to $1.875 billion. They earned a net revenue of $142.7 million in Q1. So whatever Take-Two are planning, they're certainly in a good position to do it. Or celebrate which would then result in a hangover...

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