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Take to the Stars in Paradox's Stellaris

By zethalee07-08-2015

Throughout its history, Paradox Development Studio, maker of games like Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis, has stuck to the historical realm, allowing history aficionados and tactical geniuses to change history to their liking. As a matter of fact, there are very few space grand strategy games in general, with perhaps two standouts: Distant Worlds: Universe, a magnificent game that simulates many functions of a spacefaring empire, and Aurora, which is little more than spreadsheets and your own imagination, but also equally full of depth.

If there's any studio I'd trust to be up to the task however, it'd be Paradox. Promising “rich intergalactic exploration,” “iconic Paradox diplomacy and storytelling,” and a “deep and dynamic warfare system,” Stellaris sounds like it might well be one of the most involved grand strategy games from Paradox yet. For starters, there's seven starting races, though you have the option of designing and customizing a race to your liking, and three major technology trees. Of course, what's space without a little exploration, and by scouting nearby planets, it seems as though you will be able to find various enhancements to your researching capabilities.

With any good interstellar empire however, there comes diplomacy and warfare. It wouldn't be much of a strategy game in space if you weren't given the option to design quite a variety of ships to suit the task at hand, or perhaps just for fun. You will also be able to form alliances and federations with other empires as well, opening up the route for a more civilized galaxy. Though there's no information on when Stellaris is releasing now, you can be sure there will be more information in the future.

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