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Take to the Night in Battlefield 4's Upcoming Patch

By zethalee06-08-2015

A feature long-requested by the community has been the ability to wage warfare at night in the Battlefield series. Though we got a glimpse of this action in Tehran Highway in Battlefield 3, I personally cannot recall a map ever taking place in the dead of night, even stretching all the way back to 1942. Regardless, DICE LA have taken great care to rebalance flares, flashlights, IRNV/FLIR sights, and other useful tools of the midnight warrior. As seen above, the first map is set to come with the Summer Patch, and takes Zavod 311, a normally hectic fight around an old Russian tank factory, into darkness.

Of course, this isn't all that's coming, either. Work is continuing on the Community Map Project, and also the remake of Battlefield 2's Dragon Valley for Battlefield 4. The patch itself offers more weapon balancing, a public server team balancer, more netcode improvements, reworked audio obstruction system and some fixes for jets. This comes as the game is able to hold a rather respectable ~25,000 players on PC during peak hours daily,
compared to the rather dismal 2,500 players for Hardline. All of these improvements, again come to all players for free, showing that even for an effectively annualized series, there's still some worth in developing one of the older titles.

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