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Take on Steam

By Bobfish10-09-2013

The colonisation of Mars is about to begin. At least, the Steam Workshop colonisation of Mars will. Coming with today's rather large update for Take on Mars was full Workshop integration. Not bad for a game that isn't even finished eh?

But the updates don't stop there. The Deimos pack (that's one of Mars' moons by the way) will also hit dirt on October the 3rd, bringing even more new content with it. Including two new locations, a zero gravity exploration vehicle called, shockingly, the Zero-G Probe. And most intersting of all, Dynamic Mission Generation. Coupled with what will by then be (I'm sure) a pretty hefty volume of mods, by the time the game officially launches it's looking to have years, literal years, of content to keep people going.

This all leaves me wondering two things. With the exploration of real life Mars still ongoing, will the game be updated over time to reflect any new discorveries made. And why do you need a Zero-G probe on a planet that has a firm gravity field? Granted, it's only a third that of Earth, but it's still all pervasive.

Deimos...you don't think..? Will we be able to explore the moon as well? Both moons even. Is one of the new locations we're promised something to do with Deimos? Will the next update be called Phobos?

Join me for conjecture time below.

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