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Take On Mars Trailer

By NAG3LT11-06-2013

A century ago sci-fi writers frightened us with laser shooting Martian robots invading the Earth, then we got games based on that scenario. However, in real life, humans have sent a robot to Mars, which shoots laser at Martian objects. Now we are receiving a more realistic game about that – Take On Mars. A sequel to Bohemia Interactive Take On Helicopters – realistic helicopter flight simulator with real locations and detailed helicopter controls.

Three gameplay modes have been announced for the game: Space Program, where you develop new technologies and plan new missions; Scenarios, which brings you straight into the action on Mars; Editor to make your own missions or just to look at everything game offers. All landers and rovers are fully simulated with all their tools and the destruction in case of rough landings and control. The terrain is also realistic, detailed based on Mars satellite surveys. In the Space Program mode, the less romantic, but important economic part of real space exploration will be presented. Finally, as expected from a proper PC game, there will be a full mod support.

Judging from the trailer, there will be a lot of options for landing methods, likely including amazing Curiosity landing system. The different advanced rover maneuvers were also showcased, along with camera view. Currently, we do not know how realistic control system will be in game. Mars is far from Earth – 55 million kilometers on the closest approach, 400 million km – when it is at the opposite side of the Sun. The direct radio control would mean lag of at least 6 minutes and longer. The more gamey approach would mean controlling it directly while ignoring the lag, like in Kerbal Space Program. However, with the dedication to realism in simulation, the real Martian rover control method may be present. Planning each day's tasks in advance, training on terrestrial copies of rover and uploading them via the Mars orbiter which will then be executed by rover with its AI ensuring safety depending on local conditions. Overall, it looks like a very interesting game for space and simulator fans and we look forward to seeing more details.

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Posts: 3290

Marsrus? Walrover?

Can I send curiosity to the top of Olympus Mons and look down into the mouth? That would be frikkin' awesome! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Better yet! Can I start a manned Mars mission and have them LAND in the mouth?

I'm really quite disturbed aren't I -.-

Posts: 1548

Hope it's not using Walrus AI...

Posts: 3290

I need this game. Not want. I need it!