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Take On Mars Expedition One

By NAG3LT16-04-2014

Take On Mars started out as a quite realistic Mars exploration simulator with probes and rovers. Later on, it expanded to some other bodies in our Solar System. With the latest update, still in Early Access, it moves to the one of humankind’s dreams – manned mission to Mars.

Astronauts will explore the Red Planet both on foot and in their special vehicles controlled from inside. To survive, the Martian explorers will have to build a self-sustaining base. It will start as a small shelter and grow into a large facility. Water, oxygen and raw materials will be important to find. The resource management, operation of equipment and the growing of food will be required. Some of these features are already available, while others will come in a later patch. To provide some space for exploration, a new 8x8 km location in the famous Cydonia region has been added to the game.

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