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Take on Deimos

By KamikazeGoomba11-11-2013

The absurd number of simulation games grows as the Rover Simulation, Take on Mars, receives an update. Bohemia Interactive, sadly not a Queen cover band, released a trailer showing off the numerous new effects and additions being made to the game. The Deimos trailer shows that a weather system is being implemented, so that various conditions will alter the space around you as you explore the new areas. On top of this, another addition is being made to the collection of available rovers and station landers, with the Zero-G Probe Vehicle.

While controlling a vehicle to explore space sounds like a lot of fun, the game doesn't seem to shift from that particular gameplay at all. I would guess from the trailer's depiction of it, that the weather system will break up some of the monotony and sprinkle in some magical variety to the mix. I'm not so keen on this breakout of simulation games (except for Goat Petting Simulator, obviously), so it's hard to tell if running around on giant empty rocks in a land rover is going to be enjoyable. But, the update does seem to help the game in a lot of its weaker areas, so it's at the very least worthwhile to check out.

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